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Entry #1


2013-06-25 21:57:10 by werebringinitback

We put something up on the collab board, heres more of the same.

The Team @WEREBRINGINITBACK is trying to produce a graphic novel, complete with a brief companion animated feature.
And we need all the help we can get! (in more ways then one)

Step 1: Get concept art, written descriptions, and basic storyboarding give to production team and ask for quote.
Step 2: Cry miserably about impossible production cost
Step 3: , raise funds, CREATE production company, self-produce and sell graphic novel.
Step 4: Profit

(We do have an actual business plan established, this is a humorous oversimplification)


Seriously? Um, its about the misadventures of a dwarf that leads a mercenary company. Not a whole lot of the mercenaries are dwarves... They go to a bunch of different places, kill a TON of monsters, provide some comic relief, try to stop a great evil, do some time traveling (WHY? I thought we were gonna cut that?) Also theres a talking cat that can become the size of an elephant, airships, dragoons, dungeon crawling, giant flaming dinosaurs, poo-brained celestial cattle, your mom, magic hating hammers, Anvil Lycanthropy, and the truth about how and why dwarves dig tunnels...

-Concept artists (We have a VERY SMALL budget for concept art, but we are willing to try and work something out)
-descriptive writers/editors. You will work with both existing content(editing/refining) and asked to come up with some new stuff as well.

Check back sometime around November (Hopefully) for our first issue!

Finally figured out how to approve comments!


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2013-06-28 05:13:38

Concept artist & descriptive writers, eh? How are you currently on both positions? I could draw you some dwarfs if you'd like to see what I can do. I'm only interested if it doesn't get abandoned. I'd like to see it through if I'm going to put effort on it, y'know?

werebringinitback responds:

The teams ability to use NG has not been increasing at the rate we would like, but the project isn't going to stop if we have anything to say about it! Hit us up if your still interested in helping out!


2013-09-01 18:18:26

Hahah, great description. I would totally love to get involved in this :D I came here from a message that was sent to me and was interested in seeing what this was about. You've definitely caught my attention so far.

werebringinitback responds:

Awesome! Send us a message if your still interested!


2013-09-15 17:56:37

I would love to work with you and i don't even need money :D
I just like to have my work looked at by others

werebringinitback responds:

And your work turned out great too!